Version 1.0.1

  • iTunes media items with a media type of Home Video will now appear in the avTag library.

Bug Fixes
  • It is no longer possible to try to export a tags file when you haven’t got a Mail account set up. This previously caused a crash.

It's Available!

avTag is finally available!

I'm delighted to announce that avTag was successfully reviewed by Apple and because it took less time than anticipated it has been released earlier than expected.

I hope that after all this waiting avTag becomes as useful and indispensable for you as it has for me and the testers who have helped me out over the last year. There is a lot more planned and rather than development slowing down or stopping now that avTag is released the opposite is actually true. avTag version 1.0 is  a great foundation to build upon and there are lots of brilliant features to add to it.

As well as email there is a Twitter account for avTag and a Facebook page so please let me have your feedback. App Store reviews are also most welcome since they have a huge impact on how well an app does but please don't ask question or report issues in reviews because I can't reply.

Finally, if you love avTag please tell other people who you think might also find it useful and please tell me how you are using it. I'm looking for case studies to highlight on the site so the more unusual the better!