Apr 2014

Submitted for Review

Today I finally submitted avTag for Apple’s App Store review process.

The original idea for avTag is about three years old and since then a lot of planning and coding have gone into it. However client work and other business commitments meant that for a long period of time little work was done on it. The first beta was released to testers just under a year ago but then Apple released iOS 7 and I took the, perhaps hasty, decision to throw away the entire user interface our designer had devised and the two of us went back to the drawing board which probably resulted in a six month delay in reaching this point.

Over the last year there have been 37 beta versions and 28 testers have given me feedback and found and helped resolve bugs and the occasional crash. Hopefully they have helped me produce a first version of avTag which you will find useful and reliable.

I mention a first version of avTag because we have many more planned. In fact I have a very long document listing new features and improvements which I am going to implement so rest assured that if you invest in avTag you are buying into a system which will evolve, grow and become even more useful and save you even more time.

The last three years might have been the easy bit.

Simon Wolf
Otter Software Limited