Version 1.2.1

  • Audiobooks now use the audiobook title as the Collection Name rather than the audiobook's author. This should help with sorting and grouping them.

Bug Fixes
  • When editing a long tag note the scrolling now behaves itself.

Version 1.2

New Features

  • Chapters are now shown in the tags list. They aren’t editable, deletable or exportable but they are included in searches.
  • Captions and subtitles can be shown in the player.
  • Jump back and forward buttons have been added to the player. Tap to jump by 10 seconds. Hold to repeatedly jump in 30 second increments.
  • Two finger swipes left and right in the player jump back or forwards by 10 seconds.
  • Three finger swipes left and right in the player jump back or forwards by 30 seconds.
  • The playback rate can be set to half speed, normal speed, one and a half speed and double speed.
  • Added a link to the support web page in the menu.
  • Added release notes to the menu.


  • On an iPhone or iPod touch, when you tap and hold the add tag button in the player the tag editor is displayed as usual. However if you now select Cancel then the new tag is not saved and the editor is dismissed and the player shown (rather than the tags list). If you select Done then the tag is saved and again the editor is dismissed and the player shown.
  • Similarly, on an iPhone or iPod touch, tapping and holding a tag in the player causes the tag editor to be shown and dismissed using the same approach. Obviously Cancel now ignores any changes rather than deleting the tag.
  • The tag time editing control now ‘clicks’ when tapped (or held).
  • The Notes field in the tag details view now contains placeholder text to make it clearer where you tap to edit a new note.
  • If an unplayable media item has tags you can still browse and edit them.
  • When the tags list is shown from the player the somewhat confusing Media Item section is not shown because it doesn’t make sense in this context.

Bug Fixes

  • When looking at search results, the tags list shows a correct count of the items shown.
  • After performing a search on an iPhone or iPod touch, tapping the tag icon correctly shows the tags list.
  • Fixed a crash if a backup was performed and no Mail accounts had been set up.
  • If the tags list is in export or delete mode, selecting a different media item on an iPad resets the selection state of the tags.

iOS 8 & New iPhones

Last Wednesday Apple released iOS 8 and on Friday they released two new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

avTag seems to work fine on iOS 8 and version 1.2 of avTag will be submitted to Apple for approval in the next few days which, amongst a lot of other things, enables native resolution support on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus which means that avTag isn’t scaled up to fill the screen but rather it fills the screen properly.

Once version 1.2 has been submitted work will begin on version 1.3 which will support the iPhone 6 Plus’s landscape rotation properly. However to do this we might have to make avTag an iOS 8-only app. Whilst this might not be ideal for everyone it will allow avTag to take advantage of the new features in iOS 8 which Apple have opened up to developers and the benefits of keeping up with the latest version of iOS outweigh the negatives. However, since not everyone will be able or will want to update iOS 8 there will be critical bug fix releases of avTag as and when necessary.

Version 1.1.1

Bug Fixes
  • On an iPad the tags area in the main library correctly reports if no media item is selected or if a selected media item is unplayable.
  • DRM protected content is correctly identified as unplayable again.
  • On an iPhone the tag count in the main library properly updates after you have played a media item.

Version 1.1

New Features
  • Whilst playing a media item you can use remote controls to add tags by pausing and then resuming playback within a second of each other. In addition, if you have headphones attached you can optionally override the skip command to add a tag. If you do this then the play-pause action causes skip forward instead.
  • Audio-only media keeps playing when showing the tags list or tag details on an iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Added swipe-to-delete to the media items and tags tables.
  • Various UI tweaks and changes including:
  • Revised fonts.
  • Tweaked colours.
  • Removed the slide-in panel when a media item cell is tapped.
  • Replaced the ugly tab bar in the Filters.
  • Modified the menu and how it is displayed.
  • The start time field in the tag details view now has a custom editor.
  • Some common media types can now be imported into avTag’s Documents folder.

  • Photo app videos are sorted properly, that is by year, month and then day.
  • Cover art is extracted from additional audio types.

Bug Fixes
  • The volume slider in the player is skinned on non-retina iPads, iPhones and iPod touches if the advice has iOS 7.1.1 or later installed.
  • Fixed a crash which could happen when opening the avTag menu.
  • Fixed a crash when importing an avTag data file and the application is not active in the background.