tag moments in your media files

The avTag media player
Play an audio or video file on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and, during playback, create tags for those moments that you want to easily find again.

Listen to a podcast and tag a really useful tip or an interesting fact.

Watch a video you recorded on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and tag the moment something funny happens.

Watch a video of a presentation and tag key information.

get avTag

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media files from across your device in one place

The avTag media library
avTag will show and play:
  • Movies and TV shows from the Videos app.
  • Home Videos from the Videos app.
  • Audio from the Music app.
  • Audio and video podcasts from the Podcasts app.
  • Audio and video from the iTunes U app.
  • Audio and video files in avTag's Documents folder.
  • Videos from the Photos app.

avTag cannot play:
  • Media files which are not playable in the standard apps.
  • Media files bought from the iTunes Store and protected by DRM.
  • Media files which are not on your device even though the tag details are.

search across all your media items

Searching in the avTag media library
You're not just limited to browsing through your collection of tags; you can perform searches quickly and easily too:

  • Search for text in the media file's details, tag titles and tag notes.

Configure avTag to show what you want it to show:

  • Show only the media types you want to see.
  • Hide untagged and unplayable items.
  • Choose what media item details you want to see.
  • Decide how the list of media items is sorted.

a clever player for a clever app

The iPhone Media Player
The media player in avTag has been designed to give you a great playback experience but it also contains some clever additions to make your life easier.
  • Swipe up to add a new tag at the current time.
  • Swipe left and right to jump to the previous or next tag or chapter.
  • Tap and hold the new tag button to add a new tag and immediately edit its details.
  • Multiple playback speeds.
  • Swipe down to toggle between play and pause.
  • Tap and hold a tag icon to edit its details.
  • Pin the tags bar so that it is always visible or let it fade out with the other player controls.
  • Subtitle and Closed Caption support.

import, export and backup

avTag allows you to share tags with other people and you can export tags for individual media items or export your entire avTag database.
  • Tags can be imported and exported via email.
  • Your entire tags collection can be backed up and restored via email.

the future

Developers don't generally discuss future plans but a few things are too important for us to keep secret.

  • There will be a Mac OS X version of avTag, designed and built for OS X Mavericks.
  • There will be data synchronisation between all of your Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPod touches.
There are no target dates for these or any other planned features or improvements but news will shared as and when they become available.


The tag details view
You now hopefully have an idea of what avTag can do but might be asking yourself how the idea came about. If you are, this section is just for you.

The idea for avTag came from a frustration at finding important pieces of information in conference videos. Each year Apple runs a conference for developers. Each year they release over 100 videos of the presentations. Each year I'd watch the videos and a few months after doing so I'd hit a problem and remember that it was discussed somewhere in one of them. If I could ever find that moment again it was usually after a long and frustrating search. Through frustration avTag was created.

get avTag

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